Organic Essential Oils

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3 must have essential oils. We bring you the highest quality of certified Organic essential oils in 15 ml dropper bottles. These oils are very concentrated- easily 100 times more concentrated than the herbs & plants they are derived from, it is recommended to start slowly using just a drop at a time. 

There are 3 methods of application suggested: 1. Topical -mix with a carrier oil   2. Inhalation by a diffuser or hand cupping   3. Take orally with a drop or two in a veggie capsule.   They have powerful therapeutic effects to cleanse, balance & rebuild, nourish & support your body, mind and spirit.  

All oils have antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal properties. 

Lavender- known as "everything calming" and for skin issues. Helps headaches arthritic pain, allergies.  Anti-depressant., Anti inflammatory and Regenerative properties.

Tee Tree- Melaleuca. Cleanse cuts and wounds then apply lavender.  Use as a natural house hold cleanser.. Antibiotic, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant properties.

Rosemary- liver protecting. Overcomes mental fatigue, enhances mental clarity and eases anxiety. Disinfectant. Anti-tumoral properties.