Fasting Scripture Guide

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Fasting can be done in many ways.  The goal is to crucify your fleshly desires and fill that time in your thought, emotions and actions with not only time in the Lord but to allow more of Jesus in YOU.  To keep  your light shining bright, Paul said "I must decrease and He must increase".       Fasting brings clarity to sharpen your spirit to hear and see Jesus is a deeper way.  It brings health benefits so the Holy Ghost can inhabit your vessel in a greater depth.   It is a necessary part of a victorious life in Christ.   

To start here a list of scriptures about fasting:

Private fasting for breakthroughs: Matt 6:17-18. Ps. 69:8-20, Acts 14:22-23,

To prepare for spiritual battle: Luke 4:2-4.

For deliverance: Matthew 17:20-21, Esther 4:16

In times of Mourning 2 Sam 1:12, 2 Sam 12:16, 

For repentance: Isaiah 58: 1-11, 1 Sam. 7:6,  Daniel 9:3-10, Joel 2:12-15, Joel 3:5-10, Jeremiah 14: 10-12

In a life of worship:  1 Corinthians 7:5, Luke 2:3-7 !

To receive guidance: Acts 14:23, Exodus 34:28, Ezra 8:21-23